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Updates, Aligning + My Story

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Holla friends!

It’s been a little longer than usual between posts but there has been a lot going on behind the scenes to keep me busy (in the most delightful way). You might notice a few changes around these parts.

I've typed out new words for every page on My•Goodness•Me. Everything from the About and Philosophy pages (read em’!) to the newsletter sign-up boxes have been rewritten from scratch. Even the Bookshelf has had a total revamp to provide you with a more streamlined and helpful set of resources and recommendations for you to dive into. It’ll continue to grow too, as will the blog and other pages as things morph and align further.

A little while ago I changed the blog’s tagline from Wellness, Lifestyle + Vital Nonsense to Health, Hustle + Heart. This was just the beginning of a process of change and alignment that feels so. much. better.

It’s just under 2 weeks away from My•Goodness•Me’s first birthday and a lot has changed in the past year. I’m now much clearer on how I want to show up and what I’m here to share. I've begun infusing everything with more me and my vibe, and started building this space towards my vision for it. These changes feel bright, vibrant, bold and fresh. Minty fresh. Which is exactly how I want you guys to feel: excited about life, full of energy and glowing with health, confident and making waves.

I’ve also become more comfortable with where I’m at and in the spirit of vulnerability and boldness, I’d like to get the ball rolling by sharing more of my own personal story and journey. There is a lot of resistance to this for me and I feel pretty naked but I’m sharing this in the hope that it resonates with some of you, holds insight and reassures you that you’re not alone. There is power in vulnerability and stepping out of your comfort zone so I’m going to do my best to walk my talk and lead by example. Here goes!

(You’ll find a more condensed version my story on the new about page).

My Story (or one version of it)

In my younger years I was blessed with good health, a love of food and two good cooks for parents. Family dinners served up real, wholesome, homemade food every night. But somewhere along the line I began to pin my self-worth on being naturally slim. Home turbulence, hormonal mayhem and teenage angst made acne the bane of my life and my relationship to food span out of control. Struggling to get to grips with it all I dabbled in self-loathing, disordered eating, fear-induced exercise and calculus-level calorie counting to the point where I was eating next to nothing and food was a major source of anxiety for me. I was obsessed with losing weight (or trying to). 

Drained by this way of living, I turned my focus to (on reflection, a shallow version of) health. Not one to do things by halves, again I went all in. Health hacks and ‘clean living’ became my be-all and end-all. I had been nursing a hefty sugar dependency (the fruity kind) and avoiding animal protein (because I was scared of everything but veggies), which wasn’t helping balance my hormones or clear my skin. I tried everything from intermittent fasting, juice cleanses and quitting sugar to hypnotherapy in an attempt to heal myself, and with some success, but I was still in hot pursuit of 'health perfection’ and my ever-elusive goal weight. I was entertaining a tortuous relationship between my body and mind, and convinced that my life would fall into place once I reached this health ideal. But it didn’t, and I was in a perpetual state of ‘not quite there yet’ (wherever the heck 'there’ is).

I had it all backwards. My body wasn’t ruining my life, my life was ruining my body.

 I needed to get a life, quick smart.

There was no epiphany or rock bottom - just a deep sense that remaining the same was more painful than the possibility of change. Frustrated at my continual self-sabotage, or what I thought was a lack of willpower, I slowly started to broaden my horizons and experiment with more soul searching and personal growth. I discovered self-love (and actually started practicing it) and worked on some serious limiting beliefs. Most importantly I began to reconnect with my own inner compass, as I realised that some things can only be experienced and understood by the heart. I explored the concept of living life according to what felt the most nourishing, loving and joyful in each moment. I started taking full responsibility for my choices and life, which empowered me to create a new way of being and doing.

Getting clear on what fans my flames creatively, intellectually and physically helped me to redirect my energy into activities, relationships and passions that lit me up. And, you know what? The moment I started prioritising filling my life with fun, presence and creativity I had less time to obsess over my food choices and hate on my body. 

Regaining and reclaiming my health took a little hustle and a lot of heart. What was once a hobby of researching the latest diet and health promise became a desire for real wellness. And this became a full-tilt devotion to living a bright and vibrant life that fulfils and fuels me, and helps and empowers others.

I don’t pretend to be in perfect health today. There are still things that I’m working towards, like balancing my hormones and I have to take steps every day to manage stress. But I’ve come a long way, feel a whole heap happier and I hope that by sharing this you will see what it's possible for you too.

Phew! That wasn't so hard. Now, for more exciting news on where MGM is heading...

Still to come:

A photoshoot with the fabulous Michelle from Eyes of Love Photography (I’m just a smidge excited about it). Free goodies for members of my Inner Circle (you can join right here). Also, expect some travel posts as I explore Down Under and check out all the health hangs and offerings it has.

I'd love to hear in the comments one key learning that you've uncovered or an a-ha moment from your own journey.

P.S. One more thing: I’ll soon begin coaching a handful of clients probono (yippee!) If you’d like to register your interest then swing me an email with “Coach Me!” as the subject. Looking forward to hearing from you ;)