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Podcasts to Ignite Health, Hustle + Heart

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podcasts to ignite health, hustle + heart

As a visual learner I will forever love reading blog posts, but I have been devouring all the podcasts I possibly can recently. Even though I’ve been listening to a couple for over a year now, until recently I had no idea just how many wonderful podcasts were out there. It seems as though everyone is starting their own podcast right now, not that I'm complaining about this trend - I’m freaking loving it. The brilliant thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them on your commute, whilst walking your dogs or cooking dinner. I really got into them when I was painting the bathroom at home, which kept the boredom at bay. Podcasts a super quick way to get fired up and inspired... and save a ton of time!

I’m not one to do things by halves so when it came to choosing my favourite podcasts to listen to I couldn’t just give you a few. Plus, we all like something a little different, right? I’ve included all of the podcasts that I subscribe to on iTunes, but just to be clear: I don’t listen to all of them religiously. There are a handful that I do (marked with a *), but the others I listen to when the subject line catches my attention.

FYI: A lot of the podcasts fall into more than one category, which makes them even better in my opinion, so don’t rule them out completely is it’s not in the area you were first looking to for inspiration and information on.

Podcasts on Health

Looking for sound advice and insights on holistic healing, nutrition, fitness, stress management and whole living? You'll love these podcasts.

The Wellness Guys Show - These three chiropractors have been podcasting since 2011 and are always sharing up-to-date and topical information related to holistic health. Episodes are typically around the 30-minute mark and conversational.

The Wellness Wonderland - Katie Dalebout’s blog post was one of the first I found and she has been consistently interviewing some of the brightest stars and leading names in the health, self-help and spirality field, including Gabby Bernstein, Isabel Foxen-Duke, Jonathan Fields and Tara Stiles ever since.

The Rebooted Body Podcast - Kevin Geary and his guests discuss real food, functions movement and psychology to create a live and body you love. I love his simple and no-BS style.

Mind Body Musings Podcast* - Maddy Moon is fitness-model-turned-coach to women struggling with their relationship to food, exercise and their bodies. She explores body image, eating habits, fitness, mindset and lifestyle choices in order to take the stress out of food and reestablish mind-body connection.

Others worth a mention:

On Air with Ella

ReWild Yourself! Podcast with Daniel Vitalis

Psychology of Eating

Podcasts on Hustle

If you're a budding entrepreneur searching for lifestyle freedom, expert advice and creating success on your own terms then look no further:

The School of Greatness* - Lewis Howes is a former pro athlete, now lifestyle entrepreneur, interviewing big players in business and life, and a few celebrities on greatness. I love how diverse the content is and Lewis’s nice guy style.

So Money with Farnoosh Tourabi - Farnoosh is a money expert and podcasts daily on the topic with her own insights, advice and interviews some of the biggest entrepreneurial and business names. furnish is brilliant at getting the big hitters to share the behind-the-scenes and their failures and money philosophies.

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield - Amy Porterfield is an expert on online business and shares really helpful insights and practical step-by-step guides. She also includes helpful PDF checklists, worksheets and summaries on her website for download that match-up with the podcast episode. Handy.

The Tim Ferris Show - Tim Ferris is a best-selling author, entrepreneur and “human guinea pig”. His podcasts are unconventional, really interesting and entertaining. he asks great questions of all kinds of people. No wonder that his podcast is so popular.

Others worth a mention:

Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas

The Smart Passive Income Podcast

The Accidental Creative

Unmistakable Creative

Podcasts on Heart 

Potentially my favourite kind of podcast: inspiration, guidance and motivation for self-empowerment, self-love, intuition and creative expression. If it's soul-stirring conversations and ah-ha moments that you're after these are for you.

Awaken Radio* - This is one of the first podcasts that I came across and it’s still one of my absolute favourites. Connie Chapman shares practical yet soulful advice and hosts open-hearted conversations with though leaders and experts on health, happiness, peace, fulfilment and freedom, self-love and spirituality. I’ve listened to every episode ever. If you’re a fan of Connie’s blog you’ll love this.

The Brave Exchange* - Lucy Bourchier is relatively new to the podcast game but I’m already a devoted listener to her weekly show. I’ll let her sum it up: “Honest chat with change instigators and compelling creators braking the cycle of convention and redefining success one brave mission at a time.” Lucy and her guests share their lesser-told journeys to success, as well as lessons on growing beyond failure, leading movements that matter, and finding meaning in life and business. I like to think of it as a fusion of Renegade Collective magazine and Arianna Huffington's book, Thrive, in podcast form.

The Goddess Group on Demand* by Melissa Ambrosini - This isn’t technically a podcast (it’s a paid subscription to the video recordings of Melissa’s weekly in-person Goddess Group events), but the videos can be downloaded as audios and listened to on iTunes so it’s essentially the same. It’s totally worth the money - and I say that having watched the recordings and having been to the live event. Each week Mel starts the session with a grounding meditation and then explores a particular topic in a workshop style.

Love Sex Desire with Susana FrioniSusana dives deep in conversations on love, sex and desire for transformation and empowerment. It’s totally raw, uncensored and all about womanhood, loving + pleasure. Warning: this is not a podcast for the prudish.

Others worth a mention:

Raise Your Hand Say Yes with Tiffany Han

Good Life Project

The Lively Show

Dear Sugar Radio

Untame the Wild Soul Woman

Gosh, there's plenty of inspiration to get you fired up. Get listening!

Are there any other podcasts you can’t get enough of? Share them in the comments.

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