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An Introduction to Essential Oils + Karla's top kick-ass oils for 20-something goddesses

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An Introduction to Essential Oils + Karla's top kick-ass oils for 20-something goddesses

Essential oils are a pretty hot topic at the moment in the wellness arena so naturally I was curious to learn more. I've enjoyed playing around with essential oils a little myself but I'm still relatively new to them. I've asked my lovely blogging pal, Karla, to share her experience with essential oils and give her top suggestions for all a 20-something's needs: solutions for creativity, cleansing and detoxing, sleep, anxiety and stress, confidence and self-belief.

Karla works as a doTERRA essential oil advocate and has much more wisdom on the topic than me so I thought I'd hand this one over to her...

Why use essential oils?

Over a year ago I couldn't control my emotions, I constantly lived in fear and my health was sluggish. I binged whenever I could, consumed excessive amounts of alcohol, exploded with anger when even the smallest things happened and I trashed my body with negative words. I was lacking self-love, didn't know how to care for myself and found any excuse I could to call in sick to work or go to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me. 

Then in January last year I held my first doTERRA bottle of lavender, poured one drop into my hand, cupped it over my nose and inhaled it all in. I remember a big wave of calm washing over me, the scent filling my body with so much comfort. It took me back to memories of when I was young and my Mum would give me a lavender heat pack if I was sick, and the smell of my Grandmas bath soaps whenever I went to visit her. It felt like home and it brought me back to my heart's centre. 

This was only the beginning of my aromatic adventures. I didn't realise you could not only inhale these oils but ingest them as well. Next thing you know I was taking Lemon oil with water to flush my body of toxins, inhaling Peppermint and Wild Orange to zest me up in the morning, having a Geranium bath if I had a long day, wearing Whisper as my natural perfume, putting Frankincense on my face to stop breakouts and rashes (and look ravishingly glowing!), putting Lime oil in my stir-frys and gargling On-Guard if I felt sick. The list goes on and everyday I have the option to choose from a beautiful palette of botanical energies.

As consumers of health and wellness, we are always looking for the next best thing, but then sometimes we get all too overwhelmed and end up with fifty different product brands in our hands that we forget how to use or don’t have time for everyday. Then we put it all in the ‘too hard’ basket and beat ourselves up for not being more pro-active about our health. Yep…that frustrating vicious cycle!

But it doesn’t have to be that hard. What if we could simplify it all, stick to one thing and instead empower ourselves with more knowledge of our own bodies and look after ourselves on our own terms - intuition and all?

This is why my love for doTERRA essential oils is constantly growing. I’ve now used these oils for over a year and they have transformed my health, rebalanced my out-of-whack emotions, and they have re-connected me to the core of my soul. I’ve learnt more about my body then I ever have, I hardly go to the doctors at all and more importantly – I know how to ‘calm my tits’, deal with ailments myself and burst with creative energy. Oh and did I mention that it is the only health/wellness brand I use for absolutely everything?!

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What separates doTERRA from other essential oils is their commitment to ensuring every single bottle passes their CPTG testing (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade). This means there's no nasties, no synthetic fillers, pesticide or perfumes and the oil is extracted specifically from the best parts of the plant, at the right time, in the right place. So Lavender is extracted from France, Wild Orange from the Dominican Republic, Frankincense from Oman and so on. doTERRA continue to have an ethical partnership with small communities around the world so not only are you benefiting from the oil, but you're helping farmers and their families.

If you pick up a bottle of 'Australian Organic Certified' Essential Oil from your supermarket or health shop and read the label - more than likely it will say it 'cannot be consumed' or even worse 'do not use on your skin', along with the fact that they're only 'partly pure'. This is why I personally, along with more than 1,000,000 people choose doTERRA.

Oh and the fact that they just smell so damn good is what won me over. So here is how a twenty-something like me infuses these gorgeous oils into my daily life:

My kick-ass oils for my fellow 20-something goddesses…

For creativity – Citrus bliss

This oil is a zesty and bubbly bottle of joy! I like to diffuse this when I’m working on blog posts or projects as it awakens and ignites that fire in your belly. It restores the spark in our soul and reconnects us with the magic of life – letting go of old limitations and insecurities.

For sleep deprivation, anxiety and stress - Lavender

doTERRA’s lavender oil is the most calming and potent thing I’ve ever smelt. I put a few drops of this on our pillow at night and we are always guaranteed a good night’s sleep (secretly - the guys love it too). The amount of people that have come to me with success stories from this oil is overwhelming – better sleep, less stress and coping with uncertainty or overthinking. I also use lavender oil in my mascara to maintain the product and get longer lashes. Yep, there’s beauty benefits too.

For cleansing and detoxing – Slim & Sassy oil and Lemon oil

These daily detox assistants are simple yet effective. I rotate between these oils and put a few drops in my drink bottle – YES you can drink them! It helps maintain healthy bowel movement, boosts your metabolism and balances out your appetite. I love not having to buy heaps of lemons anymore as the oil itself has over 40 lemons in it.

For confidence and self-belief - Bergamont, Grapefruit and Geranium.

With these oils I have stepped into my power and continue to live and express my truth – no BS or insecurities.  I wear them as my perfume and make roller bottles with them – it’s so much fun to make different blends and experiment with the oils. I couldn’t imagine wearing synthetic perfume now as the scent actually gives me headaches. I love knowing when I wear oils not only do I smell good, but I’m also healing my own emotions and maintaining a state of bliss.

My favourite - Balance

This is a hard call to make when there are so many feel-good oils to choose from – but Balance is definitely one I can’t live without. I apply this to my feet every morning to ground me and rub it on my heart. It has become a daily ritual for me and helps me feel aligned before I start my day. The woody scent reminds us to connect with our roots and live in the present moment. Balance also helps manifest our desires and gives us strength to stay focussed.

Holistically, these are how the oils work by:

  • Healing the physical body
  • Healing the heart
  • Releasing limiting beliefs
  • Increasing spiritual awareness and connection
  • Inspire the fulfilment of life’s purpose

Yep, they’re damn sensually-amazingly-upliftingly-deliciously-healthily-indulgent, and with over 50 different oils to use for absolutely anything and everything – it’s a simple, accessible and fast way to look after our own healthcare.

Just for you...

For the My•Goodness•Me community I’m offering my custom-made roller bottle blend ‘Sensual Goddess’ for only $49 (AUD)*. This blend contains Lavender, Geranium, Grapefruit and Bergamont (together, these oils retail value at over $100). Just simply email, to purchase.

However if you’re looking for natural, safe and cost-effective health care and want to get naturally high with these oils like myself AND you’re a blogger, health or life coach, aromatherapist, kinesiologist, nutritionist or chef looking to complement your business - I highly recommend becoming a wholesale member with doTERRA. To find out more just simply head on over here  or if you purchase any of the kits though my website here , you can grab the ‘Sensual Goddess’ roller bottle and a skype wellness consult with me for FREE, just simply email upon purchasing your kit and we can get the feel-good-shizzle rolling.

With love and ease,


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About Karla

Karla is a writer and blogger at and a crazy-passionate essential oil advocate. She is the author of EASE – A creative’s guide to finding calm and cultivating connection.

With a great swell of enthusiasm, Karla teaches people how to expand their being and live with creative abundance. Sparking and sustaining motivation it is what she does best.

Karla has a background in Journalism and PR, but her enlivening words birthed from her love of positive affirmations, teachings from thought-provoking spiritual leaders and living with love instead of fear.

Connect with Karla

Website :: Facebook :: Instagram :: Pinterest :: Email

For more on how essential oils work and how to use them you can watch Karla explain them on video over here.

*Fran: that’s roughly £25 for us Brits 

Have you used essential oils before? Do you love them? Share your thoughts and any tips for newbies in the comments!