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Bold-Hearted: Rebecca Campbell

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Bold-Hearted: Rebecca Campbell interview. Light is the New Black.

The minute you visit Rebecca Campbell's blog for the first time you'll know that she's a visual wiz, mystic and writer all rolled into one - with a fetish for triangles and flowers that's hard to miss. It's been a pleasure to watch as Rebecca has risen high and higher, just last week she becoming the published author of Light is the New Black. I hope you enjoy her answers and insights!

Bold-hearted: Rebecca Campbell interview. Light is the New Black
Bold-hearted: Rebecca Campbell interview. Light is the New Black
Bold-hearted: Rebecca Campbell interview. Light is the New Black

// The Big and Bountiful //

1.    Share with us a short story of personal triumph (big or small) and what limiting beliefs you had to dismantle along the way.

Born and bred in Australia, I'd achieved my long term career ambition of ‘becoming a creative director of a London advertising agency by the age of thirty’. But the moment I got it, I felt nothing. Overnight I knew that my career no longer fit my soul.

My external world was not in alignment with my internal one. I knew my soul was calling me to make massive career changes by following my passion for spiritual development and the journey of the soul which had been beckoning me since my first awakening when I was 14. But I was petrified of coming out of the spiritual closet and turning my back on the great career and network I had worked so hard to create.

I began waking up at 3.13am each night, drenched in sweat unable to catch my breath. Soon after my life began to crumble. The end of my decade long relationship and several very dear friends one after the other. It was as if The Universe had turned off the lights so I could find my own. I had to let go of the striving part of me who was so carefully trying to consciously create my life and give into the whispers of my soul and a path that scared me. After trying to hold it together for so long, with a little help from The Universe, my ego finally begged for mercy and asked my soul to lead.

2.    What does it mean for you to live boldly from a place of love?

To me living boldly means living from your heart. From a space where you answer the deepest callings no matter how much they scare you (especially if they scare you) and no matter how much logical sense they make.

Living from a space of love to me means filling yourself up rather than looking towards others, jobs, or things to fill that void within us that needs external love to feel whole. We are love, we don’t need anyone else to truly feel it. If you need another to do something in order to feel loved that love in conditional not unconditional. But when we feel whole and then share that love with someone else it is the most magical thing in the world.   

3.    What makes your heart sing and lights you up?

Flowers light me up more than anything else on the planet. They are just so freaking beautiful and take my breath away. When I surround myself with flowers I am inspired. When I am inspired I am in my spirit. I wrote my book Light Is The New Black while sitting on park benches in Regents Park Rose Garden in London. The whole book-writing journey began from being inspired by surrounding myself with beauty such as flowers. As I finished the last chapter of my book I looked up and found myself right in the middle of that rose garden and it took my breath away and I was overcome with gratitude for the inspiration they can given me.

4.    What grinds your gears or ruffles your feathers? (Everyone has something – it’s a side-effect of passion)

When people say they want to do something in earnest and don’t do it.

5.    What identities have you shed recently?

The hard worker. In my previous career as a creative director I drew a lot of validation from being the hard worker slogging away. When my life crumbled in 2011 I knew I needed to drop that baby as I no longer had the energy to keep it up. I replaced “hard worker” with being “disciplined”. That is, showing up to what serves me and fills me up (e.g. my sourcing meditation practice) and my calling in a disciplined way. But not slogging away for the sake of it.

Image by Louise Andriola

Image by Louise Andriola

6.    You have been successful as an award-winning creative director in advertising, and now as an author and speaker on spirituality and intuition. What have these experiences taught you about courage and intuition when pursuing your passions that you want to share with young women?

Your soul is always calling you. But answering that call is often scary. My teachers always taught me that if you are not uncomfortable you are probably not growing. And I believe the whole point of us being here as spiritual beings in physical bodies is to grow and evolve. Growing takes courage. Our fears often get in the way. But the thing about fear is that it is actually a good sign when it comes up because it means that we are about to grow, to expand. I’m a great believer in the thought that our greatest gifts are actually on the other side of our fears.

The same goes with our intuition. Our intuition rarely makes logical sense to our rational mind. Therefore, answering our intuitive hunches takes courage. I often say to my students, ‘follow your intuition, especially when it doesn’t make logical sense’, because your logical brain could not have thought of it.

It’s tricky for our rational mind to trust the calls of our soul and the intuitive hunches, especially when it means letting go of a life that we have consciously created. However, in my experience we can do all we want to numb it out, but at the end of the day that niggling feeling is always going to be there. The only way to stop a call is to answer it. 

7.    If you could give just one gift, be it physical or metaphysical, to every person on the planet what would it be?

To live their lives completely from their intuition and then let their rational mind take its lead (not the other way round). I also would love teleportation to be here because my friends and family are spread all over the world :) 

 Bold-hearted: Rebecca Campbell interview. Light is the New Black

// & Other Pieces of the Puzzle //

1.    Favourite quote:

"What is the difference between your experience of existence and that of a saint?
The saint knows that the spiritual path is a sublime chess game with God and that the Beloved has just made such a fantastic move that the saint is now continually tripping over joy and bursting out in laughter and saying, "I surrender!" Whereas, my dear, I am afraid you still think you have a thousand serious moves." - Hafez

2.    Current fascination: The light body and teleportation!

3.    I seek nourishment by… Sourcing and surrounding myself with beauty.

4.    I seek expression by… writing.

5.    I seek growth by… learning off wonderful teachers (total course junkie). [Fran: Snap!]

About Rebecca:

Rebecca Campbell is a Hay House author, intuitive spiritual mentor, teacher and writer of the book ‘Light is The New Black’. Rebecca teaches internationally and is passionate about helping people connect with their intuition in order to live wonderful lives both personally and professionally. In 2015 she was awarded the ‘Promising New Talent’ award by the Mind Body Spirit Festival. She has been featured in several magazines and newspapers such as The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, Cool Hunting, We Heart and Psychologies Mag.

Where to find her:

Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest

 Light is the New Black

Loved Rebecca's musings and want more of where that came from? Don't forget to check out Rebecca's book Light is The New Black here, where you learn more bout the book and grab the first chapter and a Sourcing Meditation completely free, as well as scout out a number of other resources.

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