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Bold-Hearted: Maddison Vernon

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Bold-Hearted: Maddison Vernon

The Universe works in weird and wonderful ways. This isn't news, but a reminder is always welcome. I first came across Maddison Vernon's work a couple of years ago, when she was still at uni and I remember being inspired by someone entering the coaching and personal growth world so young. After an intermission of sorts Maddison (re)appeared on my radar (or in my inbox, to be precise) right when I needed her to. She put her head above the parapet so that I could see her, and I'm mighty glad she did because I get to share her words with you today.

Bold-Hearted: Maddison Vernon

// The Big & Bountiful //

1. Share with us a short story of personal triumph (big or small) and what limiting beliefs you had to dismantle along the way.

It’s so funny that the first question you ask is actually the one that stumped me the most. My brain thought that I don’t have any stories of personal triumph – which is such a lie, one that I tell myself and you might as well. I also thought, what if I write one and it seems to small or too big for you, and I could feel that feeling of being judged (of course not from you, but from my own inner voice).

So to me personal triumph big or small always involves me getting out of my own way, silencing that inner voice of mine that sways me away from love and towards fear.

It’s about getting out of my own mind jail, and to do this it involves letting go of a lot of limiting beliefs and stories that I tell myself which can keep me paralyzed in fear – or what I call analysis paralysis.

2. What does it mean for you to live boldly from a place of love?

I love the sound of this! To me it means living with love and kindness to myself. Because love and kindness to others is mostly easy, but to myself is where I fall short. Actually, where a lot of people can fall short.

So kindness, and self-forgiveness are two phrases that are really hitting home right now. And to live boldly is all about stepping up when you are asked to or when you desire to. This always needs a hefty dose of self-forgiveness and kindness along the way.

3. What makes your heart sing and lights you up?

Connecting with other people, hearing their big goals, what they are passionate about and helping them go out there and reach it.

Brilliant conversation with like-minded people is my jam!

4.  What grinds your gears or ruffles your feathers? (Everyone has something – it’s a side-effect of passion)

Females not being treated equally or being spoken down to or thought of as only a body or only a “something”. You can love your body and adore it but also have a brain. You can love the academics and also love chick flicks. The belief that because you like option A you should somehow like this other option because it fits your ‘identity’.

As you said everyone has something that gets their feathers ruffled and that is what totally can have me in fits!

5. What identities have you shed recently?

What a brilliant question! And as you can see from my above answer I do not enjoy being pigeon holed.

I think I’ve really been shedding away these identities lately, this person of who I was is no longer who I am. In particular realizing that I don’t want to play the worrier, head spinning person anymore. That’s not the role I want to play or the person I want to be.

6. What inspired you to pursue personal development and coaching?

Oh, honestly Fran, I love this question and it is because I have always dreamed and yearned for this. I didn’t know this was possible, but from such a young age I wanted to run workshops to help young people accept and love themselves and their bodies. I have ALWAYS had a voice, and a loud voice at that, knowing what is and isn’t right and what people should or shouldn’t be accepting in their life and never too afraid to stand up and say no, you deserve more, you deserve better.

When I finally put the picture and the feelings of everything I wanted under an occupation of life coach it was a no brainer – which is also why I trained to be a life coach at such a young age, because I knew it was right.

7.  Passions and hobbies. What do you spend your free time doing and how do ensure that you have the space to unleash your enthusiasm and creative energy?

Yoga! I love yoga, it soothes me, connects me with my heart space, it’s like a recalibration. I also have to exercise pretty frequently – it’s just what has me feeling my best. I am about to tackle my second half marathon and that’s super exciting *and sometimes super terrifying and can I stay asleep under my doona*. [Fran: doona = duvet for us Brits]

Lastly adventure. With my partner, by myself, with girlfriends. I am always wanting to try something new, get out of my comfort zone, and feel free and expansive. This could mean diving into the ocean, driving down the coast on my day off or going on an adventure around a maze with my partner.

Bold-Hearted: Maddison Vernon

// & Other Pieces of the Puzzle //

1. Favourite word: Magic. Blessed. Sacred. Adornment. Embodied.

2. Current fascination: female energy, and balancing my masculine and feminine side.

3. I seek nourishment through… the foods that I eat, plenty of fresh, vibrant colours leave me feeling well.

4. I seek expression through… the way I move and feel my body. Yoga, dancing, in the bedroom.

5. I seek growth through… continually leaping and daring to walk this solopreneur path.


About Maddison:

Maddison is a passion-fuelled coach, writer and speaker who works with young women to help them finally escape their own mind jail to finally live the life they want to and reach their BIG goals.

You can download her latest eBook, Craving Clarity? The Workbook, from her website now.

Where to find her:

Website :: Instagram :: Facebook

I'd love to hear from you. Did this interview have you nodding your head or feeling inspired? Share in the comments.