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Bold-Hearted: Emily Ehlers

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Emily Ehlers first came onto my radar a couple fo years back when she wrote a blog called 'Olive on Blonde'. Since then her blog and business has morphed a couple of times. Today she describes herself as, "a writer, coach, speaker and artist who moonlights as a mama with a penchant for animal impressions (my “Gorilla” is actually amazing)." After discovering that health coaching wasn't her zone of genius she took a little 'time out' (*cough* minor identity crisis) and came back as a sensational copywriter for gutsy solo-preneurs with a hankering for authentic expression. Which is pretty much a no-brainer considering that this lady can really (like, really, really) write and peppers all of her prose with giggle prompts (she's funny too).

Personally, I can't think of someone better to talk about vulnerability, authenticity, living boldly and other buzzwords without sounding like a douche. (And that's meant as a glowing compliment).

// The Big and Bountiful //

1. Share with us a short story of personal triumph (big or small) and what limiting beliefs you had to dismantle along the way.

I’m going to use one from today - why not! - I went on a goddamn ferris wheel. I have a rather gnarly fear of being in small metal containers that move without me controlling them. Most infamously aeroplanes but I am generous and therefore extend my phobia to cars, trains, lifts and ferris wheels.

But today I was on an adventure with my daughter and decided that I wanted her to experience a ferris wheel. She obviously doesn’t share my fear of heights (actually, I don’t think she feels fear. Possibly a mutant?).

I’ll admit the first loop was largely spent fetal (she didn’t notice) until I decided that I was going to embrace the fear. I reminded myself that fear is just excitement without the breath and forced myself to actually breathe! Instead of freaking out about the wobbling I decided to take in the epic view around me.

More and more these days I am learning that the only way through fear - whether it’s a public speaking gig or a damn ferris wheel - is to go through it.  Actually experience the experiences you are scared of until they become so familiar they lose all potency.

2. What does it mean for you to live boldly from a place of love?

Simply: to be vulnerable. There’s something inherently uncomfortable about offering yourself up for judgement, criticism or just plain admitting you are wrong.

Choosing to be happy (rather than right) and then leaning into that, is one of the boldest things you can do. Being soft is hard. I’ll admit that I am yet to master it, but I get better all the time.

3. What makes your heart sing and lights you up?

Champagne. Only joking maybe. Other than the given, my beautiful family and friends, I would have to say creativity. I am lucky enough to be able to indulge in creativity through my career right now (I recently launched my copywriting biz). 

I also love to make art, scrapbook, write lists and make sculptures. By make sculptures I am totally talking “make dragons out of play doh”. 

4. What grinds your gears or ruffles your feathers? (Everyone has something – it’s a side-effect of passion)

The ‘F’ word… you know it - feminism. What were you thinking? But seriously, watching the way we are portrayed in the media, hearing my tree-climbing pixie being told to act more like a lady, not to mention what is happening around the world; it makes me fizz.

Lately I have had a deep urge to proudly declare how passionate I am about women owning their power. It’s actually birthed a side-project that I will be launching in the next few months all about parenthood, feminism and imagination. To let our wild creative kids stay wild creative kids.


5. What identities have you shed recently?

Perfect Health Coach that doesn’t like wine and dreams about chickpeas. This year I realised that “wellness” was not my zone of genius. I love all things mindset and meditation but talking about food and diet was turning me a little bitter and a lot inauthentic.

When I “came out” about it on my blog, it was really scary because I thought all my readers would be disappointed in me or think I had been ingenuine when really I was just confused. But after the post I had so many comments and emails that said “Ah! There you are!” People can see who you really are a mile away.

6. What has most surprised you since you changed direction with your blog and business?

How much more effortless life is when you stop fighting and lean into what you are really good at. Health coaching felt really uncomfortable for a long time. I would feel sick the night before a day of coaching. I found it really hard to be present and not having to guess ahead to try to predict what my client would say.

Nowadays, work and words flow. My client calls are a major source of my joy and, quite the opposite from before, they leave me feeling totally energised and emboldened.

7. Heroes and heroines. Who inspires the heck out of you and why?

My mum (insert ‘awww’ here). She is the most giving, loving human on the planet and, as well as being my biggest most outrageous fan. She teaches me daily how to love without limits.

Ellen Degeneres. She perfectly combines poignancy with humour and makes big topics perfectly digestible. She changes the world with kindness and never makes anyone feel judged. And she can pull off a mean prank.

Amy Poehler. Smart. Unapologetic. Bloody hilarious. Brave. Altruistic. Just a good bird really.

One of my best besties, Claire Baker. She’s brave, outrageously driven, totally authentic and always learning. Whenever we see each other (which is most days) we seem to trigger epiphanies in each other like little fireworks. She also has the loudest laugh in the entire world.

Plus Simon Sinek, Malala and Ziauddin Yousafzai, Sally Hogshead, Elizabeth Gilbert, Jess Ainscough, Clementine Ford and many, many more. 

// & Other Pieces of the Puzzle //

1.    Favourite quote: Oh so many. Let’s go with this Cheryl Strayed gem:

“There is a sunrise and a sunset every day and you can choose to be there for it. You can put yourself in the way of beauty”


2. Current fascination: Tom Hiddleston. That’s not very deep is it? Okay… what about, Tom Hiddelston’s bromance with Chris Hemsworth? Oh baby.

3. I seek nourishment by... Listening to my body. It always know what I need. Up until recently I was neglecting it in favour of long hours and quick carbs but not my body is demanding I fuel up on fruits, vegetables and lots and lots of coriander.

4. I seek expression by… Being entirely honest with what I write online. I refuse to be part of the perfection problem and only air my highlights. I will give you dirty laundry… except not gross.   

5. seek growth by… Constantly digging through all the bits that make me who I am. I am seriously hell-bent on finding out what drives me and makes me tick. I feel it helps me understand others, live authentically and basically be a better human.

About Emily

Emily Ehlers is a writer, coach, speaker and artist who moonlights as a mama and rebels against modern day seriousness. She believes in the power of words, play and camembert.

Emily is the go-to copywriter for gutsy solopreneurs with a hankering for authentic expression. She loves nothing more than finding the perfect word combinations to not only spread their world-changing message but to also capture exactly who they are.

She also writes for herself over on her blog where she chats all things life, business and imagination. All posts are delivered through stories, experiences, playful (but practical advice) and a silly sense of humour. A pop-culture tragic, she references movies a little too often and she loves lamp.

Emily has been featured in national print publications, local radio and dozens of online sites. She has contributed to various online courses, spoken at events and facilitated her own workshops.

Where to find her:

Website :: Facebook :: Instagram :: Twitter :: Pinterest

Emily is one multi-passionate, word wizard, am I right? If you're interested in a slice of this genius you can check out her copywriting services here.

I'd love to hear one thing that has you super INSPIRED in this interview. Share in the comments :)


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