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Bold-Hearted: Chloe Wigan

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Chloe Wigan bold-hearted interview

It's been quite a while between posts so I'm thrilled to mark a return to the blog with inspiration via a young woman courageously making her mark on the world. Chloe Wigan is a young writer and life coach from Australia that entered the self-development field from a young age, which immediately resonated with me. But the reason I'm so excited about this interview is because Chloe is a brilliant example of someone that puts her best foot forward and commits to living boldly even when fear and doubt pops up. It's definitely worth listening to some of the gems she has to offer up, I'd say.

// The Big and Bountiful //


1. Share with us a short story of personal triumph (big or small) and what limiting beliefs you had to dismantle along the way.

The first one that comes to mind is enrolling in life coach training and stepping out into the world as a qualified life coach at 22.

When I was 12 years old I read my first ever self-development book and completely fell (head first) down the self development rabbit hole. It was then that I knew that this was the work I wanted to be doing in the world, and I decided that in order to that I would become a psychologist.

However, a decade later I found myself no longer wanting to be a psychologist and I became more interested in positive psychology — in particular: life coaching.

The moment I came across the Beautiful You Coaching Website I just knew that I was going to do this course, so I enrolled when I was 21 and by the time I graduated I was 22.

Put simply: this one decision changed my entire life.

But it wasn’t easy — at all — and in fact it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

The limiting beliefs that I had to dismantle along the way included (but were most definitely were limited to):

I’m too young to be a coach.

What will be people think of me?

I “should” want to continue down the path to become a qualified psychologist, like I had wanted to do for over a decade.

That I 'should' get a proper psychology degree so people will overlook my age and take me more seriously.

Who would want a 22 year old life coach?

And of course — with these limiting beliefs also came with a lot of fear: of putting myself out there, of being seen and being judged.

Working on these limiting beliefs and the fears associated with them has been so challenging, but it’s also been so rewarding and has helped me to  show up in the world the way I want to.

2. What does it mean for you to live boldly from a place of love?

It means to always try to show myself and others compassion, understanding and kindness.

To always try to see things from someone else’s perspective.

To be forgiving — to both others and myself.

It also means not letting fear rule my life.

It means saying yes to myself and to the life I want to live.

It means challenging myself to do things — even if they scare me.

For me it also means: following what feels good, accepting that I’m human and definitely not perfect (and giving myself permission to be imperfect), and to acknowledge and appreciate that I’m doing the best I can — that we all are.

3. What makes your heart sing and lights you up?


Seriously, I love living. I love being alive and I’m incredibly grateful to be having the currently human experience I’ve been given.

I also love the beach, swimming in the ocean, being outside, hiking, cooking, good food, eating.

I love listening to people speak about what they’re passionate about and what lights them up — that’s magic to me.

I adore reading, herbal tea, sunsets, sunrises, fresh flowers.

Thought-provoking and earth-shattering questions.

Juicy conversations with inspiring humans.

Getting to do the work that I do.

Coming across words that ignite something inside and I have to go back and read them over and over again because they’re that incredible.

And lastly (but perhaps most importantly) I love Mexican food, dark chocolate and I cannot be unhappy when it’s raining.

4. What grinds your gears or ruffles your feathers? (We’re all human)

We definitely are all human, so thank you for asking this question and giving me an opportunity to reveal that I most definitely am not perfect!

Something that I’ve been seeing a bit of lately and I will admit it’s ruffling my feathers a little is when people become a constant victim to their circumstances and blame everyone else for their unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the life their living.

And I’m not talking about people who have had awful things happen to them.

I’m referring to people who are constantly pessimistic.

People who are the architects of their own unhappiness and will take no responsibility or accountability of their life and the way they want to live it.

This stuff fills me with “compassionate anger” as Todd Henry would say, and I guess it’s why I’m so passionate about the work I’m doing.

5. What identities have you shed recently?

Oh so many!

I feel like it can be so easy to continually latch on to new identities — even one’s that we think are serving us and are truthfully genuine for us.

One of the more recent identities that I’ve had to shed is: The introvert.

A few years ago I discovered I was an introvert and this realisation was revolutionary for me. It made me realise that there wasn’t something wrong with me, that there was a reason I was the way I was, and it helped me to understand myself more than ever.

However, I feel like I embraced this identity a little too much and for a short while I didn’t make an effort to socialise, not seeing people and not making an effort to connect with others.

I used being an introvert as an excuse to hide myself away from the world and to not let others get close to me.

This did help me to realise that I no longer was interested in spending my life-minutes with people I didn’t like — but ultimately this did not serve me at all — and I actually ended up feeling quite alone.

I can now say that I’m very conscious about fully embracing my introverted energy, but without hiding behind it or using it as an excuse — and instead letting it empower me and the way I choose to spend my days — and life.

6. What one thing do you do daily, without fail, that you feel has the most powerful effect on your happiness and wellbeing?

Being grateful.

It’s no secret that I believe gratitude changes lives — and it’s because over the past decade I’ve experienced first hand how incredibly powerful gratitude can be.

It truly does help to turn what we have into enough — and so much more.

Being appreciative has (and continues to) make my  life infinitely better.

Gratitude is the only thing I do every single day (without fail) and it’s become such a habit in my life that no matter what’s going on I can bring myself back to a state of appreciation. And this continues to have such a powerful effect on the way I feel about life.

7. As a life coach, and a young woman yourself, what do you think every other young woman needs to hear or know before anything else to live a life that fulfils them?

It’s simple, but I think we need to know that we are enough, exactly as we are, no matter what.

And it’s totally okay to know (and believe) that you’re enough and still want to do better, be better and work towards something more.


// & Other Pieces of the Puzzle //


1. Favourite phrase: This will pass (a simple reminder that everything is impermanent).

2. Current fascination: how devotion, structure and organisation creates more freedom, ease and productivity in my life.

3. I seek nourishment through… doing what makes me feel good.

4. I seek expression through… writing and creating.

5. I seek growth through… questioning absolutely everything.

About Chloe

Chloe Wigan

Chloe is a super passionate certifies life coach, writer and blogger with a background in psychology, who's mission is to inspire incredible young humans to transcend what they think is possible.

She picked up her first self-development book when she was 12, started practicing gratitude and meditating when she was 13, and now she coaches people who want to create a life they love.

Chloe is the creator of The 28 Day Gratitude Project and the super inspirational (and FREE) eBook Infinite: Take your life to the next level and beyond! 

Where to find her:

One Infinite Life :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram

Chloe's wisdom and honesty is pretty damn inspiring from where I stand. Do you agree?

Let's here it: What spoke to you, what made you think, which of Chloe's words or story inspired you? Get amongst the comments.