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7 Tips to Stay Centred this Christmas

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7 Tips to Stay Centred this Christmas

Advent marks the start of rapidly filling social calendars, mulled wine season, and best of all, its finally acceptable to play Christmas songs. We spend all year looking forward to Christmas, but the lead up to Christmas is a hectic time for everyone and it can be a little draining if you’re not careful. I thought I’d share a handful of tips to help keep you centred and combat overwhelm in Advent.

7 Tips to Stay Centred this Christmas

1. Recommit to your self-care

There’s no shortage of demands on our time during the Christmas season and our self-care can slip to the bottom of our priorities, but really we need to keep it as a top priority if we want to feel calm and centred amid the festive madness. Carve out some regular down time for meditation, a relaxing bath with essential oils and Epson salts or just a quiet evening with a book by the fire. Recommit and make a pact with yourself to put your self-care first (your friends and family will be grateful).

2. Be present with others

Christmas is a time of reunion and coming together. There might be 101 people to catch up with but do yourself and them a favour by being completely distraction free and engaged when you spend together. The quality of your conversations and connection will sky-rocket. Presence is the greatest gift.

3. Savour the indulgences

Food is bound to be a central feature of all Christmassy occasions and it’s usually accompanied by a balls-to-the-wall attitude and a side serve of guilt. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you feel like indulging in a few all-butter, gluten-full and sugar-laden mince pies and drinking a little more than usual, I say go for it. Just be mindful and enjoy the experience. There’s no need to feel guilty for taking pleasure from food, but be aware enough to know when you’re satisfied.

4. Practice gratitude

Gratitude is a central theme at Christmas but it’s not just about handing out thank you cards. There’s so much and so many people to be grateful and there no better time to take stock. Whenever you catch your head running away with stories, anxiety, shopping lists and to-do lists, take a deep breath and say a silent thank you for whatever makes you smile.

5. Embrace the pace

There’s definitely something to be said for slowing down and taking a moment to recalibrate, but sometimes fighting the flow can be more exhausting than just riding the energy around you. So long as you’re sure to bring a positive mindset you’ll navigate the fast paced occasions just as smoothly as the quiet moments.

6. Drop the FOMO and say no

The Fear of Missing Out seems to peak at Christmas. There’s loads of parties and events that you could go to but you’re not obliged to attend all (or any) of them. Say no when you know that you need an evening in. There’s always more parties, and there’s always next year. 

7. Meditate

I might have already mentioned self-care a few times but meditation deserves a mention on its own. When my mind completely fried a simple guided mindfulness meditation is my first port of call to get centred and clear the mind clutter (Headspace are my go-to 10-minute mindfulness medi’s). It really doesn’t matter what style of meditation you go for, just so long as t’s the one you actually do. Remember: it’s the frequency with which you meditate, not the length of it, that counts most.

So friends, tell me: what steps will you be taking this Christmas time to stay centred? Comment below :)