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Vital Nonsense: Rapid Fire Wisdom (x10)

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Vital Nonsense: 10 Pieces of Rapid Fire Wisdom 

I’ve been learning a lot about Life in past last year; collecting snippets of wisdom here, there and everywhere. So I’m sharing some of the most impactful guidance that I’ve picked up in the recent past.

10 Pieces of Rapid Fire Wisdom:

1. The best time to start is always the moment you decide to start. Stop waiting for the ‘perfect' time because it’s not coming - you create it.

2. Implement. You can explore, learn and discover, but it counts for nothing unless you take action. (All those self-help books you’ve read but skipped over the exercises and worksheets? Go back and do 'em)...

3. … if you want something to change then you’ll have to change the way you’re doing it.

4. You won’t regret a decision based on your intuition (unless you ignore it).

5. Put flowers on your weekly shopping budget* (because small joys are essential).

6. It’s OK to stess, freakout and fail, but recover fast(er). Success comes from resilience. Bounce back.

7. Learn to love meditation. It’ll help with a fast recovery.

8. Sleep on it. Potentially the best advice. Ever.

9. Do it anyway. Press publish/submit/send, book the flight, quit the job, make amends, reach out.

10. Everything is figuroutable (thanks for that one Marie)


*I’m more than willing to skip two coffees for a bunch of flowers. Plus, flowers last much longer than a caffeine buzz.

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