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Vital Nonsense: Momentum + Progress

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Have you felt it? It seems I’m not the only one that has been propelled forwards by a little momentum in that past couple of weeks.

Things are finally pulling together. In just a week I’ve organised interviews with BIG bloggers, I've met in person a blogger that I fist met via the inter webs (who, by the way is adorable - check her out over here), finally started to get to the root-cause of some health concerns and written a 6,000+ word gift for my subscribers, new and old (thanks for the survey feedback by the way). Currently contacting designers to bring it to life *eeek*. Oh, and there was good news in the family too.

How’d I catch this wave? (I’ll stop with the surfing metaphor right there. Beached wale, anyone?) 

It all started with a session with my coach which basically ended with, “Fran, I think you already know what you want to do, so go do it!” Then there was was a 3 month challenge that said coach set for her clients, past and present, to hone in on the 3 things we want to focus in that time frame. Commitment (to dreams, blog and wellbeing) was number one on my list. And since I’ve done that I’ve been manifesting people and opportunities left, right and centre! So I went and committed to a life coaching course next year instead of studying law (controversial decision). I also started telling more people that I plan to move over to Australia for (at least) couple of months next year - no baling out now! I've also been checking-out nutrition schools (seriously this time).

Baby steps, quantum leaps.

This was a huge lesson for me, since I have a tendency to delay decision making (I’ve written about this before in my very first post and the steps I’ve been using to deal with indecision better over here). I don’t know if it’s because I am actively seeking more opportunities but things seem to be landing in my lap or coming my way with ease and without the cat-and-mouse chase I had presumed they would entail. If ever I needed evidence for The Law of Attraction, this is it.

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was writing about celebrating the wins in the gift I am creating for you guys and it occurred to me that being swept along by this incredible momentum has meant that I have completely forgotten to step back and actually enjoy what has been happening.

We have an incredible ability to stifle our own joy for fear of coming across as boastful or throwing it in other people's faces. This is not my intention, but instead to share a little joy. Of course, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows all the time because rain is a necessary factor in that combination. Just a month ago I was feeling pretty flat and overwhelmed. If that's where you're at then I get it, I really do. This too shall pass, as it goes.

Announcing some new directions: You guys showed a lot of interest in more how-to’s, step-by-step guides, recipes, diet and healthy eating info and advice on creating mental calm, and so I’m hoping to create more of that for you. More recipes, more fun DIY, nutrition nuggets and an intro into all the wonderful things that you can be doing to free your cluttered headspace. On that note, I mentioned my favourite meditation albums in my last post so go check it out for a lil’ inspiration to get you started if you’re feeling impatient. 

I wanna hear from you too! Are you feeling this momentum? Tell me about about in the comments. Have you remembered to step back and celebrate?

P.S. It just so happens the delightful Claire shared a little note on the flow of giving and receiving, which you might also like.