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Vital Nonsense: Light Me Up!

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I have a blogging schedule. Or an editorial calendar, if we wanna sound fancy. I plan my posts roughly 3 months in advance (yes, really!). It's pretty flexible but without it I'd be posting on an ad-hock basis, a lot less often and my blog would most likely be a bit of a shambles. 

But I was naughty this Monday. Yep - I disobeyed the editorial calendar. Shock horror!

In my defence I have been working on creating some pretty wonderful things for your guys behind the scenes. Speaking of which, would you mind doing me a favour and filling out this super quick (2 minute) multiple choice survey for me? The responses so far have already been super helpful but as my valued reader I want to be be able to offer YOU something you just want to gobble up (for FREE) and to do that I need to hear from you. Fill it out, lovely, and I'll be so grateful :).

I’ve been trying to churn out a lot of big and bold posts of late, but since you're already helping me out, I’m keeping it simple today by sharing...

10 things that are lighting me up at the moment.

1. The subconscious mind and belief

The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

This concept has been popping up everywhere recently and so I finally started reading The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, which has been sat on my bookshelf for almost a year, last weekend and even though I'm only half way through I am captivated. I'm a bit of a science nerd so this is right up my street but this book is so accessible. It brings to light all the science that back up the power of the subconscious mind and beliefs. This quick guide to how your brain works by Cara Phillips is such a great intro for those that are interested.  

2. Meditation

Claire Obeid Meditation Album
Allied Forces Meditation

I have dabbled with meditation for about two years but our relationship has been anything but sooth sailing. 20 minutes, twice a day, 14 days in a row, and then... nothing for 2 months. I blew hot and cold. Truth be told, half the time I just couldn't be arsed. I saw mediation as a chore - something that had to be done to further my wellness journey. In fact, I felt the same way about yoga until recently.

But times are a-changing! I've invested in some meditation albums that I had been eyeing-up for a quite a while and now I willingly get my zen on each morning. Those albums I mentioned? Claire Obeid's meditation album is my go-to for a 10 minute quickie and Allied Forces, created by Tahlee of Sonesence, is perfect for when I feel like freestyling.

3. Belinda Davidson’s Chakra Cleanse Meditation for Busy People

Chakra Cleanse Meditation for Busy People

This one deserves a special mention all on its own. I'd been debating this purchase for quite some time. I just didn't think that I'd be able to sit through a whole 35 minutes of meditation. Well, I took the plunge and I have been LOVING it! The first time I did this mediation I had the most blissful experience in bloody ages. Ahhhh....

4. Emily Ehlers on the Diet Wars

The Diet Wars

I'm a huge fan of Emily simply because her writing is so damn entertaining. This woman is funny. But this blog post is especially good because it can be so easy to get sucked up into all the diet debates and conflicts, forgetting that we have the option to opt out. Preach sister.

5. GivTree

I love this concept of using social media to build  a network of charitable giving. I came across this on Facebook when I received an invitation from a friend. So worth checking out and such a cool idea. Let's keep social media positive, yeah?

6. Natural candles 

Buddha and natural beeswax candles

I've been pimpin' out my new medi-station in my room. We're talking rugs, cushions, posters, art prints, mini china Buddahs, and of course, candles! Most candles are filled with lots of nasty chemicals that we inhale when they are burnt and I'm not a fan of soy candles (they contain hormone-disrupting phytestrogens) so when I found some natural beeswax ones in a nearby shop I was pretty thrilled. I've been wanting to make my own for ages so watch this space!

7. This Summary of Isabel Foxen Duke's advice on how stop feeling crazy around food

Stop  Fighting Food Masterclass Summary

Isabel Foxen Duke is a complete trailblazer in the wellness realm and approaches emotional eating from a completely different angle. If you have ever felt crazy around food or 'up in your head' every time you make a meal choice then this article will be so helpful. Isabel's Stop Fighting Food Masterclass is already underway but Lauren from Mindful Meals has delivered a wonderful summary of Isabel's key messages. Highly recommend checking out both of these ladies.

8. My Spiralizer

Courgetti Collage

So I have had this gadget in my kitchen for coming on a year now. Over the summer I was moving about a fair bit and it was packed away in a box in the garage. But no more! I guess I had kinda forgotten about it; until, that is, I made some courgetti in a tahini-avo-and-pesto sauce for my flat mates and their enthusiasm was infectious. My spiralizer is now positioned proudly on top of the kitchen counter and will be getting his fair share of use. My friend Mini shared the recipe over here.

9. Sweet Omelettes 

Sweet Omelette

I've been making these and veggie fritters almost everyday for the past week. (Shhh... I might be slightly obsessed). I've been upping my intake of good quality fats and protein to help rebalance my hormones (which I have mentioned are a little of kilter before over here). Eggs are an awesome source of both so I've been experimenting with different ways to use them. And let me tell you: sweet omelettes for breakfast are divine. Honestly, they're so good and so simple to make. I just fill a plain omelette cooked in coconut oil with a warm and thick berry sauce made from almond milk, almond butter, blueberries and a touch of stevia. Add a dollop of coconut milk yoghurt for extra healthy goodness. Yummo!

10. Love Sex Desire Podcast

Love Sex Desire Podcast

I have been lapping up every last podcast that Susan Frioni has shared since launching her new website. This podcast is so raw, honest, and,! Not to mention educational ;). You can listen to it on iTunes or on her website.

What do ya think? Should we make this a regular thing? You know, to shine a light on the things in life that are pretty dandy at the moment.

Go on, share with me what's lighting you up at the moment. I always wanna here from you guys.

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*Because I love it that much I am an affiliate for Belinda's Chakra Cleanse Meditation. Just giving your a head's up!*