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Thank You 2014 (+ other reflections on a big year)

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Thank You 2014 (+ Other reflections on a big year)

At the end of 2013 I, like the rest of us, was making all kinds of declarations and resolutions for 2014. I made pages (and paaages…) of notes in a journal, set a bunch of goals and a challenge for each month. I also chose 3 theme words for the year: Mindful, Authenticity, and Brave.

I only actually competed one of those challenges and about ⅔ of the goals. It’s fair to say that my theme words got a lot less exercise than I had intended; in fact, I all but forgot about them until I flipped back through my journal the other day. I’m not suggesting that these aren’t powerful practices (read: really are and I'v already set goals and chosen a theme word for 2015), so call me Captain Obvious but if you don’t follow through and put your words into action then not a lot happens. And that was definitely reflected in first half of 2014 for me. Except for one thingI finally started listening to all voices in my head telling me what I really wanted to create, be and do, rather than what I thought I or others wanted and expected of me. Even though there were hardly any major external changes, some kind of momentous shift was unfolding inside my head and heart. Still, I was stalling.

And yet… I can honestly say that 2014 has been the best year of my life to date.

Since June there have been a whole heap of changes in my world. It seems the first half of the year was just prep for the real magic that was to come. However much you might want something or know where you want to go, fear can scare the bejesus outta you and keep you in the land of limbo (I’m speaking form firsthand experience on this one). Out of sheer frustration I finally bit the bullet and started taking (baby and colossal) steps towards my dreams and desires. It's at this stage that I may get a little nostalgic and even bit whimsical in my reflections. You’ve been warned...

So in celebration of a life changing year and to express a little gratitude to all the people, places and invisible forces that have helped make this happen, here are a few of the big moments and discoveries of 2014:

My•Goodness•Me hit the inter-webs

My•Goodness•Me - Fran Maspero
My•Goodness•Me logo
My•Goodness•Me - Fran Maspero

This has to be the ultimate highlight and the secret sauce that got the ball rolling. I’ve mentioned before what a mince I made out of getting this baby up in the air but it’ll definitely go down as one of the best and biggest leaps of faith I’ve made. Starting a blog might seem a simple and innocuous process but I’m sure that most bloggers will tell you that we invest a lot of time, energy and more importantly, heart in our blogs. Not to mention how pretty naked you feel sharing your passion, life and writing with the world. It’s liberating, thrilling and shit-scary all at once. I have learnt so such about the ins-and-outs of blogging, community and writing in such a short time. Oh, and I can't quite believe that it has been 6 months since all this began. Mind = blown.

I started writing.


Creating this blog has been such a wonderful creative outlet for me and an opportunity to discover a real passion for word-wrangeling. I also penned free gift to all my subscribers (you can sign-up for twice-monthly insight and fun-filled emails at the bottom of this post or in the sidebar). I had so much fun writing it and dreaming up a vision for the design (all important!) that I had finished the first draft in 2 days (!), which just goes to show what you can create when you’re doing what you love. It’ll be making an appearance in 2015 when the design is finished. Until then I’ll be sharing sneak peaks on the blog and with my newsletter so make sure you’re signed up to catch all the deets. Oh, and it’s all about health, hustle and heart. Action made easy.

eCourses that change lives

Bright-Eyed & Bold-Hearted eCourse
Cleansed eCourse

I'm giving two courses special mention for their absolute brilliance: Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted by Rachel MacDonald and Cleansed by Cassie Mendoza-Jones

Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted was my first ever course and WOAH. So much goodness - uber-usefull and accessible content and an incredibly supportive and generous Facebook community to boot. If blogging has ever crossed your mind then I would recommend this course with every fibre of my being. Yes, really - it’s that good! Besides, if you haven’t already come across Rach yet then now if the perfect time to make yourself accounted. Pure gold.

Cassie Mendoza-Jones’s Cleansed eCourse was a stand out because not only does she share a truckload of useful and practical information in such an encouraging and gentle way, but she is always surprising us members with a added bonuses, resources and support. Doors just closed for the next round but she has a whole heap of other goodies coming your way in the new year.

I also joined Ezzie Spencer’s Lunar Abundance eCourse on a whim and out of pure curiosity. It’s been fascinating and a gift that keeps on giving. This is definitely not an area of expertise for me and is way beyond my comfort zone but it’s fair to say that I’m captivated.

I have read soooo many books this year that has quite frankly changed my life (I know, I know, a lot of thing are life changing here, but that’s only because I’m giving you the highlights!). Somehow I have become a self-help and personal development junkie but I’ve also managed to wade through a heap of trash to get to some real gems. I’ll have to share these guys another time because there are just too many to even scratch the surface here.

Tribe building

Bright-Eyed & Bold-Hearted Vision Board

There is a lot to be said about building a tribe online. For starters, it’s a bit like online dating for bloggers but with less suspect motives and big collective vibe. The support, generosity and trust that I have seen brought to bear is enough to knock your socks off. I have to admit that initially I was somewhat sceptical - talking to strangers online is only for weirdos, right? Well, despite my naivety, it turns out that blogger communities are a fab way to connect with likeminded folk the world-over. I've even been able to meet some for these ladies in real life, and let me tell you, they don’t disappoint. It has to be said, however, that nothing quite replaces an in-the-flesh encounter and face-to-face connection. 

Getting Support

@fmaspero Instagram image

I finally realised that if I wanted to make some serious changes then I would need to get some experts on my side, new and old, which have included a chiropractor, nutritionist, naturopath, kinesiologist, and I just finished blog/life coaching with Claire Baker (check out our interview here). I’m even trying hypnotherapy in the new year! I think Wester Medicine is truely brilliant but it’s not the be-all-and-end-all. There is a lot to be said with experimenting with alternative medicine and I’m not the only one doing it - complementary and alternative therapies are on the rise. I also believe that Functional Medicine is the future so I put prevention pretty high up on my healthcare agenda.

The Universe has your back

Trust by The Darling Tree

Up until the end of this year I was convinced that the world was out to get me. Can you relate?! No matter what came my way, I was constantly in a scarcity mindset - looking at what I didn’t have and others did. I had a major case of Comparisonitis. But as soon as I started taking steps towards my dreams, things started to fall in place. Cue: major change in perspective. I now see this as The Universe's friendly nudge in the right direction when I was headed the other way. Thanks, Big Man.

Leaving Limbo + New Horizons

@fmaspero unicorn horizon image

I’ll write about this in more detail another time but for now I’ll bundle all it up into one paragraph: I’m over the moon to share that I am officially signed up to a life coaching coarse that starts the moment I finish my degree, will be travelling to Australia soon after and will be starting 3 years of studying Natuopathic Medicine and Naturopathy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine before 2015 is out. For someone that has been deliberating between going into the Law (sensible option) and going off-piste (less sensible option) for the past 3 years this was an epic decision to make. Let it be known that I have not regretted it for one moment. There’s something to be said for following your dreams.

I really hope this gives you an ounce more courage to commit to your intentions for 2015 and hang tight even if it doesn't start with a bang. You don’t need to steam roll into the new year in order to come out on the other side brimming with gratitude and delight for the year that was. One step at a time.

FYI: I am an affiliate for Cassie and Rach's eCourses - which is how brilliant I think their courses are.

Trust image via Maps to Herself