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Light Me Up! 2.0: Conscious Creatives, Gettin’ High + Real-Life Wellness

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Light me up cover collage

And so the second edition of Light Me Up! lands. Just a round-up of 7 more things that I can’t get enough of at the moment. Dig in.

7 Things That are Lighting Me Up at the Moment

Your reaction to this news ;)

Your reaction to this news ;)

So even health coaches and wellness passionistas drink wine, eat cheese, love chocolate and adore coffee. No, really they do. There is this insane notion that if you give a rat’s arse about your health you need to miss out, be boring and feel guilty about eating anything that doesn’t consist purely of superfoods and fibre. Not so.

And I don’t know anyone that has put this quite so well as Claire, who wrote an article on it a little while back sharing her confessions of a health coach. It’s a favourite of mine (not to mention, one of her most popular posts) and I was reminded to share it with you when it was reposted by The Whole Daily the other week. Speaking of which...

2. High: A Party Girl's Guide to Peace by Tara Bliss

High: A Party girl's Guide to Peace by Tara Bliss. Out now.

If you follow me on social media (which you can do by using the lil’ icons in the side bar, by the way ;)) you’ll have seen me share Tara’s new book already. But, it’s worth doing agin because, boy, is this lady special.

Sinking vodkas and still not satisfied? Suffering from a serious bout of FOMO? Hangovers and come-downs losing their appeal? Looking for more beyond your life-of-the-party identity? Toxic relationships with friends, lovers, and or food?

I challenge you to listen to or read Tara’s words and not be moved.

3. Emily Ehlers on the Moon

Bear and girl in a boat on the moon



Coming out of the closet as a little lunar obsessed and other other hocus-poccus habits. (It was the Full Moon on Saturday but you’ve still got until the Crescent Moon phase on Wednesday. Just FYI).

orange slices

I personally can’t tolerate too much fruit in my diet BUT fruit sure ain’t the enemy. In fact, It’s nature’s nectar and it’d be awfully sad if we were all scared of fruit. Or carrots for that matter. Carrots (and beetroot) have been getting a bit of a bad rep recently because of their sugar content. But really, people - it’s just a carrot! And I love me some sweet veg (pardon the grammatical sacrilege being commented in this sentence).

5. Coconut Water Kefir

Coconut water kefir recipe

At the risk of banging on about fermentation (sorry!), I'm gonna remind you of last week's recipe for coconut water kefir.

There is no denying that I have been getting a little excited experimenting with lots of different ways to introduce fermented foods into my diet. This recipe for coconut water kefir that I shared last week is no exception. Mmmhhhhmmm.

6. Supporting Artisan Brands This Christmas

Supporting the Makers, Movers + Shakers by @jasminedowling

I shared this image (via @JasmineDowling) on this past Sunday and I had to share it again here. I love giving gifts, especially when they are unique, thoughtful and/or handmade (either by myself or someone a little more skilled). I also adore finding and supporting brands and artisans that are truly talented, creative and independent. Bonus points for values that align with my own.

I used to make all my own cards for birthdays and Christmas but dropped out of that habit as I got older and things got busier but the next best thing is being able to give a unique card made by an artist. Hit up the farmers market, Christmas markets or fairs and art centres for something special for your loved ones. It’s wonderful to be able to support those in your local community but if you find something from a little further afield that takes your fancy then don’t hesitate.

I value creativity pretty highly so I want my gifts, cards and gestures this Christmas to reflect that.

7. Violet Gray Jewellery 

Violet gray design rings and bracelet 
Violet Gray Design chakra charms

Violet Gray Design would be one such brand that has values that reflect my own and stunning goodies to boot. Alex’s work really needs no introduction, so why not head straight over to their site and have a snoop for yourself?

If you’ve got a budding yogi friend or just want to give something thoughtful then their chakra necklaces and charms, one-of-a-kind rings or intentional bracelets are the perfect gift. I know I’ll be snapping up a few.

Alex of Violet Gray and Tara Bliss handing over bracelet

That's it folks! Enjoy a beautiful week and try stay calm as the end of the year approaches.

Also, as always, jump on into the comments to share your two cents, mutual love for the above or any awesome discoveries you've made.

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