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Bold-Hearted: Addictive Daughter

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When I first came across Persia and Joey I was so pleased to see some young blood making waves in the wellness and personal development world in the UK (and beyond). I adore the perspective these girls have on life because they bring a young, fun and very down-to-earth approach to topics that could otherwise seem a little heavy or hippie. It's wonderful to see some Brits making an impact on an industry that is relatively small over here, and with a fresh and very modern outlook.

Following their own foray with destructive habits, unhealthy relationships and, ultimately, quarter-life crises these girls finally decided it was time to tackle their issues head on. In the process they launched Addictive Daughter - their online home from which they offer life coaching, blog posts and weekly videos as a cure to your quarter-life crisis. Lucky for us they share some of their hard-won wisdom with us...

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// The Big and Bountiful //

1.    Share with us a short story of personal triumph (big or small) and what limiting beliefs you had to dismantle along the way.

Persia: I think letting go of the notion that life just ‘happens’ to you has been a story of personal triumph for us both and has had a positive effect on almost every corner of our lives. Don’t get me wrong, life does happen and it’s not always butterflies and roses, but what’s important is your response to things. One day at a time, we work on seeing life’s knocks as opportunities for growth and as feedback from the universe, to help guide us forwards. For us, that’s so much more fun and rewarding than being resentful, depressed and feeling like the world is out to get us! The idea behind our hashtag #getaddictedtothegoodstuff, is all about moving towards a positive, light-driven way of life, rather than a dark, destructive one.

Joey: Both Persia and I firmly believe that the universe keeps bringing us the same lesson until we learn it. A classic one for both of us was in relationships; our limiting belief being, “I always attract a (insert type) man.” (Mainly for us, it was emotionally unavailable ones.) If you keep telling yourself that story, you’ll keep attracting and replaying that experience in your life. By recognising the patterns that kept occurring, we began to do work on ourselves and in turn, our expectations of what we wanted from a romantic partner evolved. Once you get clear on what you want from life, you stop entertaining the people, places and things that can’t give it to you.  This then creates space for new opportunities to fall into place J  

2.    What does it mean for you to live boldly from a place of love?

P: Practising compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others (something that takes practice and persistent effort!) I think living boldly from a place of love means expecting the best from life. Anyone can be cynical and negative – that’s the easy option. To choose to focus on the good in every day and to work through dark times whilst keeping a hopeful heart… that’s pretty bold.  

[Fran: Yes!]

3.    What makes your heart sing and lights you up?

J: Being able to create something positive through Addictive Daughter really lights us up! We love love love learning and gathering ideas and then putting our findings out there in order to add value to other peoples’ lives. We spend a lot of our time attending seminars, reading books, interviewing awesome people… and it’s an absolute joy. Everyone leads busy lives so we do the hard work of researching this stuff and putting the fruits out there for people to chomp on!

It’s a well known fact that being of service to others not only helps them out, it perks you up too.

4.    What grinds your gears or leaves you less than lukewarm? (Everyone has something)

Poor communication, bad manners and ungratefulness! We live in a world where we’re inundated with emails, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and more… SO many sources of communication. It isn’t easy to keep on top of it all – we know this all too well. However, we try to set the intention of acknowledging and saying thank you where we can. It’s the little things that people remember.

Addictive Daughte interview

5.    What identities have you shed recently?

J: I have begun to shed my identity as a sugar fiend! Since giving up drinking two and a half years ago, I began consuming more sugar (fizzy drinks as rocket fuel on nights out and desserts galore.) I’ve recently realised that high amounts of sugar are negatively affecting my energy levels, sleep and are definitely having a resulting impact on my mood. I’ve just completed a 6 week sugar detox which has been really eye-opening.

P: It’s a daily challenge, but I have been letting go of my identity as a total drama addict. I grew up around drug addiction (my parents are addicts in recovery), so for most of my childhood and teen years, chaos & drama were all I knew. When my parents got sober, I went pretty nuts for a good few years, seeking out the drama I was now missing at home (mainly in the form of relationships!) Nowadays, I am enjoying leading a much more chilled out life, which has left lots of room for much happier & healthier people & situations to come into my life.

6.    You do a lot of work with teenagers and young adults. Why do you think that working with this group is so important?

J: Our main focus with Addictive Daughter is for the ‘quarter-life crisis’ generation. Why is this important? In short, we believe that these years are the launch pad to the rest of our lives. For us, we suddenly realised that if we spent the whole of our 20s dating inappropriate blokes on a rollercoaster of highs and hangovers, it wasn’t likely to end well! You don’t suddenly wake up on your 30th birthday and everything falls into place. It became apparent to us that lifestyle habits like this are gradual to fall into, and in the same way, gradual to grow out of, too. As amazing as it would be to suddenly acquire the ideal body, relationship, career, social life and confidence levels - it just doesn’t work like that. Which is why we feel strongly about guiding people to take responsibility for their lives and their futures from now.

7.    You’re very open about your own past experiences of addiction… What gave you the courage to share them and use them positively?

P: We prefer to use the term ‘addictive behaviour’, rather than addiction, as there are varying levels and we were absolutely not at the extreme end. Luckily, we managed to make changes to our own lives before they spiralled too far out of control – we were by no means bad enough for rehab. Like many women, we were drinking too much, not looking after our minds or our bodies and feeling generally stuck and unhappy in negative patterns. It’s not cool to admit that you’re depressed, that your life feels like it’s lacking purpose, or that you’re desperately clinging onto a relationship that has far exceeded its sell-by-date. That’s where we found ourselves a few years back, and we didn’t know where to turn for support (other than going out and partying our problems away – which only works in the short-term…

J: Not having a resource to turn to inspired us to create our own – and thus Addictive Daughter was born. Initially, it was scary putting ourselves out there (I still very clearly remember how we hovered over the ‘publish’ button seconds before posting our personal stories online!). It’s amazing how, with each small action, you grow more courageous. With the response we’ve had from amazing women all over the world and from the media too, we are really glad we took the plunge.

Bold-Hearted:  Addictive Daughter interview

// & Other Pieces of the Puzzle //

Favourite quote: “In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” – Buddha

Current fascination: Creating Pinterest boards for our hair for Joey’s wedding (Persia is a bridesmaid) – it’s ridiculously addictive. (And watching Wayne Dyer’s old school 80s self-help vids on YouTube).  

We seek nourishment by/through… Daily prayer, meditation, gratitude & small acts of service.

We seek expression by/through… Creating our Life & Skype Nuggets for Addictive Daughter, as well as our speaking events, which we absolutely adore doing.

We seek growth by/through… Trying every day to be more open, loving, compassionate, forgiving & generous to ourselves and the world than we were yesterday. Doing the daily nourishment work listed above is what makes this possible (most of the time!) 

So much wisdom, right? If you want more of where that came from check out Persia and Joey's deets below...

About Persia and Joey:

Hailed “irreverent British gurus” by Marie Claire magazine, 20-somethings Persia & Joey – the founders of – an alternative, positive lifestyle movement. Having overcome their own destructive behaviours, they’re rapidly becoming the world’s leading authority on how to cure the Quarter-Life Crisis from the inside-out. Through their humorous, practical & relatable approach, they’re determined to remove the stigma of self-help & spirituality and make it accessible to their generation.    

As regular contributors for The Huffington Post & New! magazine, Addictive Daughter have featured in Marie ClaireOK! Miss Vogue, Grazia (French), The Debrief Hip & Healthy magazines, The Daily ExpressThe Daily Mail, The Sun, BBC RadioRadio 4, and Channel 5 news. The girls also feature in documentary ‘A Royal Hangover’ alongside Russell Brand, which premiered at Sunscreen Film Festival in LA in October 2014.

Where to find them:

Website :: Instagram :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Pinterest


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