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Vital Nonsense: A round up of My Finest Blog Posts from 2014

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Vital Nonsense: a round up of my finest posts from 2014

I’m still baffled by the notion that I have been doing this 6 months already (whaaat?). I spent all yesterday afternoon scrolling through them all and was a little stunned by how much has changed since I started this blog. But I’ll save you hours of distraction and Blackberry/iPhone Thumb (a repetitive strain injury from using your phone too much, ha!) and give you my favourites from the year that was. You guys always make your votes known when you comment and view my posts, and the most popular of these go into my sidebar under 'Popular Posts' but I thought I'd share a selection of my own faves. Carefully curated to keep it down to just 7, because obviously we want all the good karma on our side going into 2015. Enjoy!

My Sugar-free Epiphany. How to go sugar free

This is where it all began. I'll be sharing more on my relationship with sugar soon enough but it's always good to do a recap (especially at this time of year) and I can't help getting all nostalgic looking at this post.

2.  Bold-Hearted: Meg O'Sullivan

Bold-Hearted: Meg O'Sullivan Interview

Meg made for a fabulous first Bold-Hearted Babe. It was a toughie creating these questions because there was so much that I wanted to ask but every time I read the answers of the Bold-Hearted ladies I feel inspired and upbeat. What better way to here from so many pioneering and heart-centred women than getting to know their reality, struggles and daily practices? The question on shedding identities is always a favourite of mine and the answers are so revealing.

3. The Pitfalls of The Healthy Desert Craze

Are raw vegan desserts really good for you?

Gosh, I'd wanting to say my piece on this for so long and turns out many of you feel the same way or have fallen into this trap before. Here's to climbing out.

4. Semi-Sobriety: why I broke up with the booze (briefly)

Semi-sobriety: the booze and I

I wrote a draft post of this such a long time ago but was a little nervous at the reaction it would get. Feels good to get clear on where the bottle and I stand. And because I'm going alcohol free for January to start the year completely clear-headed this was a welcome reminder to remain balanced and be kind to myself.

5. How To Deal With Indecision + Knowing Who's Advice To Take

How to deal with indecision and knowing who's advice to take

Because I won't lie, I still struggle with making decisions and trusting my gut some times. I actually have this post printed out so that I can refer back to it - and my, my has it may a difference!

6. You Are Not (Just) What You Eat

You are more than what you eat

Some one had to say it. And we need to believe it. What you feed yourself is paramount but that is not just limited to what you put in your mouth.

7. Vital Nonsense: Light Me Up!

What's lighting me up in the world of wellness right now

Each of these things still light me up and bring me joy. I'll have more of that in 2015, please! In fact, I enjoyed making this little gratitude file that I feel like it'll be a regular thing.

And a few final words as the year rounds out: 2015 I’m coming for ya! Here’s what you can expect from me, where I’m at and what I’ll be focussing on. 

  • Living out my Core Desired Feelings: Whole. Bold. Vibrant. Soulful. Joy.
  • My word for the 2015 is Alchemy. I’m declaring 2015 the Year of Healing, thriving and focus. 
  • Finishing my degree (woop!)
  • Travelling to Australia (trying not to thank about this one too much or I'll get no work done in the meantime!)
  • Launching my eBook!
  • Becoming a certified Beautiful You life coach.
  • Studying Naturopathic Nutrition at The College of Naturopathic Medicine.
  • Creating and sharing more on the blog. I’m going to be rediculously busy with my dissertation (on the ethics of luxury health foods) and since I'm prioritising self-care in a big way right now that means there won't be so much time for blogging. But I’ll do my very best to write as consistently as possible. Too many ideas that can’t be ignored. 

Highlights, please! Jump into the comments to share your highs from 2014. What's2015 got in store for you?

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