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Vital Nonsense: Your Life in Numbers + 17 Measures of Real Health

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More Truth Bomb by Danielle LaPorte

Just a quick note on numbers today 'cos we seem to build our lives around numbers. Seriously, we measure almost everything numerically.

The number of friends you have,  A's you got at school, boyfriends you've had, jobs you've had, the number of promotions you've received, awards you have been given, engagements/ marriages/divorces, kids you do or don't have, countries you have travelled to, calories you ate, the number on the scales... It's surprising how strong an influence we give these figures over our self-worth. 

Instead don't we look back on life and ask how we felt, rather than create a mental catalog of  events, achievements, accolades and disappointments?  Numbers can only tell you so much about your life. The real value of life can't be summarised by figures (numerical or physical).

17 alternative indicators of good health:

+ Bright eyes, and clear and glowing skin

+ Strong hair and nails

+ Sustainable energy levels and stable blood sugar levels

+ A healthy and regular menstrual cycle

+ Regular sleeping patterns

+ No digestive discomfort

+ Resilient immune system - rarely fall ill with colds, flu and infections

+ Clear head, focussed attention and good memory retention

+ Stable moods and the ability to cope with everyday stressors

+ Good circulation

+ Quick recovery from injury

+ Wake and fall asleep with ease

+ Fresh breath and body odour

+ Strong teeth and bones

+ Regular bowel movements

+ Stable appetite, with minimal cravings

+ Excitement and curiosity for life! *Yabbadabbadoooo!*

Your worth cannot be defined by a number, especially if it appears on the scale! Stop looking for your worth outside of yourself, honey.

You are more.

Image credit. Plus huge thanks to Danielle LaPorte for her beautiful #TruthBomb.