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7 Positive Body Image Role Models You Need To Know About

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7 Positive Body Image Celebs

Who doesn’t love a good round-up, hey? Well here we have 7 celebrities spreading the positive body-image message with a side serve of comedy genius. So without further ado...

1. Jennifer Lawrence Oh, Lord. I could wax lyrical about this lady. Not only is she stunning and incredibly talented (you know - the Oscar-winning kind of talent) but she has some serious body confidence. I mean, she did appear practically naked (aside from some strategically placed scales and blue body paint) as Mystique in X-Men: First Class when she was just 21. She is known for her comments supporting a healthy body image and confidence, even in the face if all the flack she received for refusing to lose weight for the role of Katniss in The Hunger Games. And better yet she has even poked fun at the cellulite on her bum. Hell, she actually pointed it out on national TV (see video evidence below - skip to 9 minutes in if you're eager). Funny lady. 

2. Shailene Woodley - OK. Caught red-handed. I am obsessed with this woman at the moment. Why? Well, mostly because she advocates sunning your lady parts (literally getting some Vitamin D - its good for them!). Hilarious (and wise!). Trust me, you are gonna want to check out some of her interviews (like this one, this one here or my personal fave). This woman knows all about holistic wellness, consciousness and self-love, which as you know, are three of my favourite topics! Shailene even eats clay.

3. Cameron Diaz - I know that there are a lot of Diaz fans out there but I have to admit, she used to really grind on my gears. But then I watched this episode of Graham Norton (and The Other Woman), in which she discusses the trend for permanent laser removal of pubic hair among young woman. Hilarity, itself. Oh, and let’s not forget that she just released a book called The Body Book. This woman proudly advocates the importance for women get to know and understand their bodies a little better, while shifting the focus away from size to health. She has also defended loving your body at every age too:

“I like the way that I look now better than when I was 25. I can’t help that other people may be uncomfortable with that, but that’s not my responsibility to make them feel play with the fact that I’m getting older. I’m okay with it. I like it.” 

4. Tina Fey - this lady does a good job of explaining herself so I’ll leave it to her:

 “I think the first real change in women’s body image came when JLo turned it butt-style. That was the first time that having a large-scale situation in the back was part of mainstream American beauty. Girls wanted butts now. Men were free to admit that they had always enjoyed them. And then, what felt like moments later, boom—Beyoncé brought the leg meat. A back porch and thick muscular legs were now widely admired. And from that day forward, women embraced their diversity and realized that all shapes and sizes are beautiful. Ah ha ha. No. I’m totally messing with you. All Beyonce and JLo have done is add to the laundry list of attributes women must have to qualify as beautiful. Now every girl is expected to have Caucasian blue eyes, full Spanish lips, a classic button nose, hairless Asian skin with a California tan, a Jamaican dance hall ass, long Swedish legs, small Japanese feet, the abs of a lesbian gym owner, the hips of a nine-year-old boy, the arms of Michelle Obama, and doll tits. The person closest to actually achieving this look is Kim Kardashian, who, as we know, was made by Russian scientists to sabotage our athletes.” 

And I would add that Kim openly endorses less-than-natural weight-loss practices, i.e. 'scientific’ diets (read artificial meal replacements). Not really a message that I can get behind. But Ms Fey, on the other hand, serves up a healthy portion of reality: hailing one body shape as better than the next, whatever might be the current trend, isn’t solving any problems.

5. Kate Winslet - says she is more comfortable in her body that in her titanic days. 

“I believe it is important to go on insisting that normality is not what we are exposed to,” she said. “Honestly, among my acquaintances there is no woman wearing XS. No, sorry, there is one: my daughter. The point is that Mia is 11 years old.”

Need I say more?

6. Gwyneth Paltrow - a.k.a. The Marmite Lady. I’m going to break all the rules here and say that I’m impartial but love her or hate her, her hugely popular cook book It’s All Good is a fabulous promotion of well-being and a love of food. But she is also known for enjoying the odd slice of pizza - balance, ya know. "Beauty, to me is about being comfortable in your own skin”. Amen.

7. Mindy Kaling -  there are literally so many quotes on body image that I could choose to use here but I’ll just keep it to one and point you in the direction of this article for more:

“I get so worried about girls with body image stuff… And I feel like I have been able to have a fun career and be an on-camera talent and be someone who has boyfriends and love interests and wears nice clothes and those kinds of things without having to be an emaciated stick. And it is possible to do it. In life, you don’t have to be that way and you can have a great life, a fun life, and a fulfilling love life.”

But none of them are even ‘big’ I hear you cry! I know, but this is because positive body image is not about size but well-being, self-worth and confidence. And these ladies are the picture of health because they respect and embrace their bodies, not because of their dress size. Bonus points for Ms Diaz and Shailene for their holistic approach. 

The point is is that no one looks the same. Yes, I believe that we should respect our bodies an treat it well with beautiful food, stress management and movement, but trust me this is futile if you don’t show yourself some love and practice acceptance. Otherwise you will never love your body, no matter what size/shape/weight you are.

Stop stressing about what your body looks like and focus on how you feel. Be Body Confident.

P.S. In case you missed it, my last post was also on was on Fattism and Body-Shaming. How do you like the theme of positive body image and body-love that we have going on over here? Go ahead and share in the comments.