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Vital Nonsense: Why doing nothing could be the best move you make this weekend

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Why doing nothing could be the best move you make this weekend: doing nothing is good for your health.

This weekend you don’t need to do anything. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

We are always placing arbitrary obligations and tasks on ourselves. So long as you ensure that you eat, drink and, *ahem*, evacuate…your world will continue to go round and you will likely still be here the following morning.

This weekend is the final bank holiday in the UK before Christmas. This is probably the last chance I will have to dedicate a serious chunk of time to whatever I choose before the end of the year. I'll be taking advantage of this opportunity to rest up.

Yes, there is a ton I could be doing, and probably should be doing. But I’m not a huge fan of the word ‘should'. The last month or so have been really pretty hectic for me, despite being the uni holidays. There has been a new job, a blog launch, 21st birthday parties, eCourses, and moving in to a new flat, to name but a few things. My to-do list is seemingly endless and I am perpetually behind on everything. Its frustrating to say the least. Maybe I put a little much on my plate at once?!

So I could be setting goals to have certain things done by the end of this weekend and take this opportunity to catch-up on my to-do list, but instead I will be dedicating the weekend to doing a whole lot of nothing. We can put pressure on ourselves to make the most of our free time, and whilst this is a very noble goal it doesn’t always have to translate into doing something. Instead, I’m focussing on just being and doing nothing

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Why? Well, sometimes doing nothing can actually be the most constructive move you make.

Maybe its time you forgot about your big goals, ambitions and dreams, just for a little while, and  simply take the easiest next step. For me the best thing I can be doing for myself this weekend is resting up, relaxing and enjoying some light-hearted fun. So often we take life too seriously and forget to actually enjoy the process.

What does doing ‘nothing’ even mean?

Well, to be honest this could take any shape you choose, whether that be a weekend full of socialising followed by a quiet night-in watching Made In Chelsea or a weekend full of lie-ins and afternoons filled with lazing in the garden, enjoying the tail-end of summer. Essentially, I am using it to refer to anything that you do just for the sheer pleasure of it without working towards an end result, or motivated by a sense of obligation to what you ‘ought’ to be doing. So, I guess in this sense 'thing' could actually involve quite a lot of activity, if you wish it to.

I’ll be taking a leaf out of Danielle LaPorte’s book and focusing on what I would like to feel this weekend. I want to feel rested, connected, and delighted. Some of the things I will be incorporating into my weekend in order to feel this way include:

  1. A little extra time sat on my meditation cushion (otherwise known as my rather generously proportioned bottom). It's fair to say that I’ve been avoiding this for a couple weeks now. I’m ready to revisit my bliss.
  2.  Spending the day with a friend I haven’t seen in a long while. Sweet, sweet connection + fun (knowing her this will likely involve her cows - don't ask!).
  3. Reading (an actual paperback book) - 'cos there never seems to be enough time during the week.
  4. Running - I usually run several times a week but in the last 3 months or so I have let this slip by the wayside as I haven’t been feeling up to it. But now I’m craving some headspace and movement so I’ll hitting the hills (views captured above).
  5. Cartwheels - wherever, whenever. Why not?! *insert Shakira soundtrack here*

Maybe all of this will happen, maybe it won’t. I’m not too fussed, just so long as I know I have set aside this time to give my body and mind what it needs most. Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of productivity and planning (as you will undoubtedly discover), but right now I feel as though a little more flow and space for spontaneity is exactly what is needed. Maybe you do too?

Enjoy your weekend, lovely!

Fran xx


P.S. What is the easiest next step you could be taking this weekend? What feelings will you be following? I’d love to hear how you will be going about this in the comments section below.