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7 Common Sense Tips for Clear Skin That You Probably Don't Follow

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7 Common Sense Tips for Clear Skin That You Probably Don't Follow

Who doesn't want clear skin? I sure do. I've tried more than my fair share of weird and wonderful tricks over the years in the pursuit of glowing skin, not to mention spent a shed load on lotions and potions. Sadly, Clearasil just won't cut it. Along my little journey of clear-skin-discovery I've come to realise that the secret doesn't always lie within a bottle and, whilst there were some big lifestyle and diet changes that have made a huge difference to the condition of my skin, I have also discovered a number of sweet little tips that can have a really positive impact alone.

Sometimes we forget to cover the basics before diving head first into a complicated beauty regime. But let me tell you, achieving clear skin needn't be hard, complicated or expensive. Quite the opposite actually. Try the tips below and see if you notice a difference. There is nothing especially groundbreaking here, and hopefully, you'll already be doing some of them, but you might not have thought of some of the others. Plus, they are super easy to implement, so why not give them a shot?

7 Super Simple Clear Skin Tips

1. Wash your face twice a day.

It always amazes me how few people actually do this but it is so essential. Invest in good quality natural beauty products, free from nasty chemicals. Avoid products with soap and those that strip your skin of its natural oils as this will promote the overproduction of skin sebum and therefore spots.

Keep it simple - a good quality face wash and moisturiser is all you really need . There are loads of nice natural, organic and affordable options available these days. I wash my skin twice a day with Ren’s Clarimatte Cleansing Gel and moisturise once a day with 2-3 drops of organic, cold-pressed hemp seed oil. My latest beauty find is Konjac sponges - I've been using mine most days and love it.

Believe it or not, using oil works wonders for most skin types including combination/oily (like mine) as it moisturises the skin without blocking pores or stripping it of natural oils. Hemp and jojoba oils are best for oily/combination skin and rosehip oil is also great for most, including dry and sensitive skin. 

2. Clean your makeup brushes.

Preferably every week. I have been prioritising my powder and concealer brush which are the only ones I use daily and have really noticed a difference.  And don't forget your mascara wand, especially if you're prone to eye infections? It's actually a bit grim when you think of all the bacteria hiding in those brushes. And you've been spreading all those germs around your skin. Eeeew!

I know it sounds like a faff but all you need is a mixture of 2 tbsp vinegar and 4 tbsp water. Soak, rinse and then lay flat on a towel to dry naturally. Simples.

3. Stop touching your face and don't pick your pimples.

Seriously, stop it. Not only is it a pretty nasty habit but popping a spot puts your grubby fingers all over the area and spreads the bacteria and dirt. Ever wondered why pimples appear in clusters? I know it’s tempting but you don’t want to break the skin as it will take longer to heal and can cause scaring.

4. Clean your pillow cases.

Change them every week, if not twice a week. Especially for girls because conditioner residue and hair oils on your pillow will clog your pores. At the very least flip your pillow over to the fresh side halfway through the week.

5. Exfoliate. But not too much.

It seems to be a bit of a trend to try and remove the whole top layer of our skin ever day. Once a week is just fine in order to remove the dirt, grime and dead skin cells, without damaging sensitive skin that would slow the healing process. It's important that you allow your skin to recover before exfoliating so avoid doing it when your skin is sensitive or looking a little irritated.

6. Keep your clothing clean. And your towels.

Well you should be doing this anyway (!) but if you get a acne anywhere on your body make fresh, clean clothing a priority. Even your jumpers, jacket collars and other clothes that don't always come into direct contact with your skin. Let's not forget that if you're rubbing (well, ideally, you'll be dabbing...) your skin dry with the same towel twice a day, everyday then use need to be changing your towels regularly too. twice a week for face towels would be fab.

7. Rest. 

As well as being great for all-round health your hormones are balanced between 10pm and 12pm so get some zzz's a little earlier and make sure you get 7-8 hours quality sleep to reap the rewards. Relaxing really helps to lower cortisol, oil production and reduce inflammation, all of which can prompt and prolong breakouts. Try some yoga, meditate, go for a walk outside, whip up a culinary storm or have a chill sesh and movie night with friends....whatever works for you. Ahhh...

There you have it - 7 common sense tips for clear skin. How many of these are you actually doing on the reg? Do you have any other really simple tips for glowing skin? Share them in the comments.

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