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Let me introduce myselfMy name is Fran and I am biting the bullet!

I'm so excited that you are here! Seriously, I'm humming from the inside. I have been practically obsessed with everything health and wellness related for the past 3 years and its high-time I shared this. So here I am: excited, nervous and putting my words out there. 

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.
— Chinese Proverb

Well, I had only just been born 20 years ago, but this blog has been brewing for about 18 months - I have been keeping it tucked away in a box at the back of my mind, mostly because I was scared. Scared that someone might disagree with what I had to say, disapprove or gossip about it. But there is always going to be someone that feels that way... (Plus, I have a habit of speaking my mind!)

Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

At the beginning of this year I set the intention to launch a blog before I finished university. But, of course, this was just me delaying things a little further, when I could be doing it now. In March I decided stop being such a pansy and actually do this, even if I am a little late to the blogging party (true to form). But "better late than never" and all that. Since then I have been brainstorming, vision-boarding and writing like crazy. A name was eluding me and being a perfectionist I wanted everything to be exactly as I imagined. I soon discovered that it was never going to be exactly how I wanted and that I was better off just launching the damn thing and letting it evolve with me. Lucky for me I came up with the name My•Goodness•Me just in the nick of time! So what you see before you is one month of crazy passion-fuelled creativity. I hope you like it?!

"Start before you're ready" - Steven Pressfield, Do The Work  (Image via)

"Start before you're ready" - Steven Pressfield, Do The Work (Image via)

If you haven’t checked out the About page yet, My•Goodness•Me is all about sharing my passion for blending some down-to-earth wellness with a little bit of soul searching in modern life. Its about starting the love-ripple and living wholeheartedly. Oh, and you'll also find a little bit of Vital Nonsense to add some much-needed play into the mix.  I have created this space here at My•Goodness•Me to help you learn how to ignite your vitality and health, provide oodles of inspiration through fun and food, and, hopefully, so we can get to know each other a little better. Think of me as equal parts cheer-squad and butt-kicker along your wellness journey. So please, make yourselves at home and have a look around.

My approach to wellness (food, fitness, mindset and spirituality) + life is set out on my Philosophy page and my Bookshelf points you in the direction of loads of really helpful and informative resources that I highly recommend. 

Each week at My•Goodness•Me I will be sharing all sorts of wellness goodies including info on living a healthy, whole and conscious lifestyle, healthy recipes (not gross - I promise!), interviews with crazy-inspiring people, product reviews, life lessons, as well as fun activities + adventures to get involved with.

I have recently begun a completely sugar-free journey, following the advice of a nutritionist in order to treat a candida gut infection, hormonal imbalance and suspected adrenal fatigue, whilst taking a few supplements in the short-term. I had been debating this as my next move for a long time, having already cleaned up my diet to a large extent but still suffering from regular breakouts, digestive discomfort and other hormonal issues. I’ll be sharing more about this very shortly, so hopefully I'll see you here again soon.


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P.S. Let me know what you think! Feel free to leave a comment or send an email my way.