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Gettin' Glowy + She Is Radiant Toolkit

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She Is Radiant Toolkit Review

Sometimes I get a little excitable and feel the urge to post more frequently than my usual twice-a-week schedule. This would be one of those occasions. But I promise that it's worth it. In fact, I believe this to be a public service announcement.

See, this morning the wonderful Claire Baker released her third book, She Is Radiant Toolkit. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at this beauty and loved it so much that I wrote a testimonial that you can see here.

This is what I had to say:

Such a pleasure to read and not at all heavy like so many other books covering similar topics. A complete goldmine of fun tips, tricks and activities that introduce so much ease and play in to this wellness adventure. If She Is Radiant is your map, then this Toolkit is the guided tour. Prepare to be lit up!
She Is Radiant Toolkit review

Yep - I’m a fan. But I feel that there is a little more significance to this gem than simply propelling you towards radiance and wellness. Do you remember one of my first posts on celebrating? Well, you see I can take life pretty seriously sometimes and that post was a reflection of my need to let loose and have a little more fun.

You've heard of synchronicity, right? Well, right around the time I shared that post I started working with Claire as my mentor. So much of what we spoke about revolved around PLAY. And now, here in front of you as She Is Radiant Toolkit is the crystallised form of all that you could possibly need to make your wellness adventure a whole lot more playful. 

And because this lady is a prolific creator and facilitator of joy she has also recorded 3 audios for you to purchase that answer all the questions that She Is Radiant's readers sent in. Why not buy the whole lot? She Is Radiant: The Collection contains both eBooks and the audios.

She Is Radiant: The Collection

Wait, there's more! Until Friday 3rd October 10pm (WST) you can get 25% of all of these items! Go bag yourself a bargain, darlin’!

Quite simply this eBook is delightful, playful and inspires action. ‘Cos we know that it’s the action we take that really counts.

Wellness needn’t be hard. It can just as easily be fun and adventurous. She Is Radiant Toolkit is a shining example of this.

I hope you enjoy this sweet little collection of playful goodies as much as I have and snap it up while they are still at the early bird price.

Let's all make a commitment to enjoy a little more play, shall we?


P.S. Playtime doesn't mean that you have to stop working completely. In fact, improving your productivity just means that by working more effectively you have more time on your hands to enjoy your favourite pursuits and fill up your cup. I shared this in Monday’s post on How To Be More Productive, Part 1.

N.B. I am a proud affiliate for this product and the links to it in this post we result in me receiving a commission for any purchase that you make should you use them. But, please know that the reason I share this product with you is because I truly believe in its value and brilliance.