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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name My•Goodness•Me?

I had been trying to come up with a name for almost two years and just when I was coming to the end of my tether this popped into my head. Having put all of my suggestions to friends and not had much enthusiasm, they seemed to think that this would be a very good fit. It's a play on words: a mash up of the exclamation and 'goodness' implying your health and wellness. Because ultimately this blog is built on the belief that life is good.

What do I eat?

I don't have a quick answer for this one, so I'll point you towards my Philosophy page which hopeful has the answers your seeking.

What kitchen equipment do I use?

The specialist equipment that I most frequently use include a high-speed blender (I'm a fan of this one) and a vegetable spiralizer (like this). I also recommend investing in a good quality food processor and juicer if possible.

Where did/do I train and where does my information come from?

Good question. Training is so important, espicially since there is so much misinformation and pseudoscience circulating. I have a BSc in Geography from the University of Bristol. I am currently training to be a fully qualified nutritional therapist with the College of Naturopathic Medicine (3 years). From a less conventional perspective I trained as a life coach through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (6 month course).  I chose these courses following a great deal of research and found them to be the most thorough and aligned with my values and approach. If you have any questions regarding this don't hesitate to shoot me an email.

My health-related knowledge comes from a mix self-study, formal study and the help of registered health practitioners. If you're interested in improving your understandign of health I really recommend getting stuck into some books/blogs/podcasts/videos - check out my Bookshelf to get you started. I've also coached with and been mentored by a few wonderful health, life, business and blog coaches that have been instrumental in bringing My•Goodness•Me to life. Immense gratitude for those ladies.

What blogging platform and theme do I use?

I have created this blog myself using Squarespace, which I would highly recommend for someone without any Wordpress experience and wanting to create a professional-looking website in a relatively short space of time. I have used the Galapagos theme for this site. Having never used Wordpress before I can not offer any advice for creating a blog on that platform.