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This is a list of all the products that I am an affiliate for and my affiliate links, shared with love:

Cleansed eCourse:

Cleansed is a 6-week online wellness program designed by Cassie Mendoza-Jones to address all the different parts of your wellbeing: your body, mind, spirit, space and life. It’s a potent mix of PDFs, worksheets, videos, audios, interviews, and more combined with the power of community in the exclusive Facebook group. 

When I first did this course I was swept away by Cassie’s generosity and continual support. She is always surprising us with added bonuses and answers all the questions that you could possibly throw at her with clear guidance. Cass is a wealth of knowledge, and better yet she is so willing to share it. Cleansed is perfect for anyone that wants to take their wellbeing to new levels.

Bright-Eyed & Blog-hearted:

This just might be my all-time favourite course and the ultimate blogging resource. This has to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. If you've ever considered starting a blog but are still twiddling your thumbs or feeling a little lacklustre about your current blog this is the course for you.

Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted is a blogging phenomenon, packed to the rafters with insanely useful information and templates. The Facebook group is truely something to behold, filled with so much generosity and support that it is priceless.

Rachel MacDonald is a facilitator and pipeline for so much joy, it just blows my socks off. Blogging how-to with a side serve of life coaching is her killer combo and it's setting the inter-webs alight (seriously, just read the testimonials).



Rachel MacDonald and Tara Bliss have collaborated to create this visionary guide to discovering your true self and celebrating the heck out of her. 

147 pages. Out-of-this-world aesthetics. 12 soulful lessons. Musings on dreams and visions, fear, self-sabotage, comparison, the Ego, the inner critic, stillness, balance, joy, creativity and self-expression – and more. This much celebrated eBook is part memoir-style storytelling, part workbook and part ultimate guide to YOU.



A yearly guide like no other, instead of tiptoeing around inevitable obstacles, this companion steps into the shadow – actually, make that: nose dives into the shadow - of life situations that press pause on those wild and precious dreams of yours. The action to Spirited’s contemplation. Inspiration meets implementation. Spirited Solutions is punchy, potent and practical; a guide brimming with solutions to possible challenges that may arise on your hunt for those desires during the year. Embrace your shadow and chase down your biggest dreams in 2015. Think of it as Spirited’s broody big sister.



Naked eBook:









She Is Radiant:









She is Radiant ToolKit:

Reveal Your Inner Radiance Mini meditations by Claire OBeid


In the spirit of honesty and full disclosure I do receive a commission for each purchase that is made using one of my affiliate links. However, as mentioned in my Disclaimer, I never endorse a product or service that I have not personally used and whole-heatedly recommend. It's never my aim to sell any of these products to you, but rather to share them with you because I believe them to be worthy of every moment of attention they receive and that you may also find them incredibly helpful.