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I created this blog in 2014 to share my passion for real food, wellness and conscious living. I love to write - half-baked ideas just as much as short essays on vegetables and self-care. 

This is a positive space for inspiration, nourishing insights and sound advice. 

I hope you find something here that encourages you to take better care of yourself and helps you find a balance that nourishes your body without sacrificing your sanity.

On a personal note

I began writing here as a creative outlet while at university - when I had a lot more time on my hands! I now work for a seriously cool startup developing smarter technology for women (Elvie) during the week and study Naturopathic Nutrition on the weekends (two years down, one to go).  Somewhere in the middle I also trained as a life coach to support my nutritional knowledge. Everything that I write is based on what I have learnt/am learning through formal study, as well as self-study and personal experience.

I was lucky enough to grow up with good health, a love of food and two keen cooks for parents. Family dinners served up real, wholesome, homemade food every night. But, in the midst of home turbulence, hormonal mayhem and teenage angst, acne became the bane of my life and I picked up an eating disorder to boot. I eventually came through the thick of it and learnt how to make nourishing choices, without obsessing over the food. This has totally (re)shaped my perspective on food and health - and ultimately, what I share. 

One more thing: I am not a qualified nutritional therapist just yet and food was a major source of anxiety for me for many years so you won’t find any bullshit claims or diet dogma here. I’m a huge nutrition nerd but I’ll always be loyal to cake.

Let’s connect

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